Support Hurricane Relief
Efforts in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has suffered what is being called "the worst hurricane in a century" and rebuilding will be a long and difficult task. The sheer destruction of this devastating storm was unimaginable and has left many residents without power, shelter, and basic necessities.

The people of Puerto Rico are in dire need of help. Please take the time to join us in our efforts of collecting donations during this especially challenging time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are so grateful for the generosity shown by the Hotwire Communications community in response to Hurricane Maria. We understand donors want to make sure their donations have the biggest impact possible. The following are answers to frequently asked questions about Hotwire's response:

On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico as a Category 4 storm. Maria—the strongest hurricane to directly hit Puerto Rico in almost 100 years—ravaged the island with 155 mph winds, and hit areas already impacted by Hurricane Irma, which arrived a few days earlier.
We are working with Dynamic Community Development Corporation, or Dynamic CDC, a community-based non-profit economic development corporation based in the Miami-Dade area. This is a new endeavor for them. We are partnering with them to make sure 100% of all collected donations benefit those impacted most by the hurricane.
In addition to the several lives lost, the storm has decimated the infrastructure and homes in Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria completely wiped out electrical lines and water supplies, causing millions to live without basic necessities. It could take up to six months to repair the country's energy grid, and residents need both immediate and long-term aid.
All donations to this fund will support relief and recovery efforts for Puerto Ricans affected by Hurricane Maria. They will be allocated through our charity partner to where it’s needed most.
Many of our customers and employees are from Puerto Rico or have family impacted and displaced by this devastating tragedy. We hope to help support our community and provide as much assistance as possible.
All monetary donations made on this site though our partner, Dynamic CDC, are tax-deductible. Always check with a tax professional for a full explanation regarding rules and qualifications.

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